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First Entry

In the face of life's challenges and uncertainty,

Writing brings me solace and clarity,

A way to document my journey and healing,

To process, cope, and find meaning.

Recent events have left me unsure,

Struggling to find my balance and endure.

Losses, new cities, finances tight,

My mind's in a haze, unable to think right.

A loved one's illness causing such stress,

And heartbreak's wound left me feeling distressed.

My guilt weighs heavy, from being distant and far,

From loved ones who've struggled, and bear many scars.

Deep traumas of past, waiting to resurface,

I yearn to move forward and find my life's purpose,

Yet life keeps throwing curveballs my way,

Leaving me shattered, unable to seize the day.

Through these written entries, I aim to discover,

A way to mend, to cleanse my mind's clutter,

I hope together, we’ll find a way,

To walk this path, day by day.

Healing is a process unique to each person,

It's okay to take our time, to feel our emotions.

At times, it may feel like progress is slow,

But healing's not linear, it ebbs and it flows.

Let's embrace self-love and extend it to others,

Recognising our shared humanity, our struggles,

Through empathy and kindness, we can nurture and grow,

Finding the fortitude to face the unknown.

Together, let's build a community of care,

A safe space for healing, where we can repair.

May these words and my stories spread love and remind,

That healing is possible, one day at a time.

TK x

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